Past Projects

Otherwise Productions / Tina Teeninga


The Saddest Girl in the World

One act, one woman show, July 2008-September 2009, various venues across Canada. Co-directed by Kathy Parsons and Dirk VanStralen, featuring Tina Teeninga.

“Teeninga’s writing is intimate, lyrical, and detailed…[her] performance warm and natural.” – Georgia Straight

“Teeninga accomplishes an impressive feat — She wrings actual suspense from her humanistic story and displays a poet’s gift for simile. She holds our attention with her talent alone.” – Winnipeg Free Press

“Tina Teeninga moves effortlessly from optimist to pessimist to realist, trading accents almost by the minute.” – Winnipeg Sun

“Teeninga is straight up amazing. A fantastic script filled with realism, beautiful language and original and engaging characters, as a performer she transitions seamlessly from character to character.” – Plank Magazine

Tina Teeninga

Normal. One woman monologue, originally performed at Pacific Theatre, Autumn 2006 by Kirsty Provan, directed by Tina Teeninga.

Broken. One act play, originally performed at Pacific Theatre, Autumn 2006, featuring Elizabeth Pennington, Lori Kokotailo, Dan Amos, and Bill Amos, directed by Kerri Norris.

River Bottom Baby. One act, one woman monologue, originally performed at Pacific Theatre, Spring 2007, featuring Lori Kokotailo, directed by Spencer Capier.